In June 2011, Brent Rahme founded his Architectural company Quintessential Designs which symbolises the most perfect and typical example of quality and class. Quintessential Designs provides inventive and creative design solutions for environmentally and socially responsible residential, commercial, industrial and public projects. These exceptional projects range in scale from simple home remodelling to industrial constructions of great magnitude, all stamped with precision and passion.

Growing up in Germiston near Johannesburg, Brent’s overriding dream was to become an architectural designer. He followed that dream with dogged determination. After matriculating, he went on to study at the University of Johannesburg where he attained an N4 – N6 Drafting Diploma and a National Diploma as an Architectural Technologist BTech Design. Whilst studying, he worked part-time at several architectural firms to gain invaluable on-site experience.

His first major position in the architectural field, as the senior technologist, was at Stauch Vorster Architects where he honed his skills as a budding young architect.

Architecture, as we view it, is art

Owner of Quintessential Designs

During his two year tenure at this renowned architecture company, he worked on prestigious hotel projects throughout Africa such as the Sheraton Hotel in Uganda, the Port Ghalib Hotel and Resort in Egypt and the Hilton Hotel in Sandton, to name but a few.

Armed with this substantial grounding, he moved on to join Paragon Architects as architectural designer and project architect on some of the most iconic buildings in an around Sandton including the Head Offices for Alexander Forbes, Group 5, Nashua, General Motors and AGFRI, Absa Capitol and Norton Rose Towers. During this seven year phase in his career, he also designed several luxury homes, preparing him for his leap of faith in starting his own company, Quintessential Design. Since the foundation of this pioneering company in 2011, he has moved from strength to strength, designing and building breath-taking and environmentally friendly homes and offices; all modern architectural wonders.

The core philosophy of Quintessential Design and its owner is client orientated. State-of-the-art computer technology is used in the design process to create three dimensional models for clients to get the complete picture before a brick is laid. Brent’s attention to detail is further characterised by his development of virtual reality tools to ensure client approval from start to finish.

Each of Quintessential’s projects reflects Brent’s passion for precision and splendour. The vision and values of this Johannesburg based architecture firm are encapsulated in Brent’s words: “It is our belief that exemplary architecture not only provides functional space, but also acts as a lens through which we view, understand and appreciate the natural and man-made world. In this way, architecture can offer order, beauty and inspiration. Architecture, as we view it, is art.” Brent’s adventurous spirit is echoed in his enthusiasm for sport. He’s a marathon man and cyclist, competing in hard core challenges such as the Ironman, fourteen “94.7” and seven Argus cycle races.

The foundation of all his achievements lies in the fact that he’s a devoted family man. His wife, Justine, and his four daughters mean the world to him. He enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with his family and friends, entertaining them with his characteristic passion for living life to the fullest, both at home and at work. Avant-garde architect, Brent Rahme and his contemporary architectural firm, Quintessential Design, are leaving their distinctive mark on the South African landscape for current and future generations to admire and enjoy.